Adrianne Rubenstein
The Parting of the Green Sea

January 27–March 11, 2017

The Parting of the Green Sea is an exhibition of new paintings and works on paper by 
New York-based artist Adrianne Rubenstein. Rubenstein’s paintings celebrate their medium. She is lively and unselfconscious in her application of paint, filling five canvases 
with a helping of subtle humor and allegory. Lush paintings tell a whimsical narrative left open-ended to delight the viewer with each buoyant brushstroke, while the works on paper 
(an extension to her charming series of broccoli florets) are curious and lighthearted sketches. 

Rubenstein’s paintings wobble between figuration and abstraction, drawing from an Expressionist aesthetic with a distinctly contemporary take on pictorial storytelling. 
The grass of a bento box, a playful yet practical wall dividing rice from wasabi, finds its way into Rubenstein’s painting, along with other unexpected yet familiar subject matter: an Easter bunny, a colorful bead-maze from the doctor’s office on Melville, a meandering bridge (—or is it a caterpillar?), a European car bumping through darkened streets and leaving a trail of parking tickets in its wake… each morphing into its vibrant, splashy plane and each with its own inspiring anecdote.

Adrianne Rubenstein (born 1983, Montreal) is an artist, curator and director of CANADA, 
New York. She received her BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 2006 and her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2011. Recent solo exhibitions include; White Columns, New York; The Pit II, Los Angeles; David Petersen Gallery, Minneapolis; and a solo presentation with Stems, Brussels at NADA Miami Beach - all of which took place in 2016. Curatorial projects include Fort Greene at Venus, Los Angeles (2016); Maraschino at Fourteen30 Contemporary, Portland (2015); Snail Salon at Regina Rex, Brooklyn (2013); and Forget About the Sweetbreads at James Fuentes, New York (2013).