Tracy + the Plastics
Gut Tracer, 2002/2014
Performance and video, sound, color
28:03 min

To accompany the reissue of Tracy + the Plastics’ discography, Muscler's Guide to Videonics, on Cruisin’ Records in June 2021, Fourteen30 Contemporary will be streaming documentation of the band’s performance, Gut Tracer, June 4 - 18, 2021.

Gut Tracer was originally created and toured in 2002 and was reperformed and documented in 2014 with support from The Cooley Gallery, Reed College and The New Museum, New York. In Gut Tracer, the band is at a bus stop, a stoplight, an intersection, in a living room and a kitchen. Through sometimes frustrated, sometimes curious, sometimes loving fragments of conversation and language play, they talk about sabotaging their own art, being on tour, and collaboration - they talk about talking.

From the 2015 catalog Stacy…Kelly*:

“I created this while/after I applied to Bard’s MFA program in late fall/winter/early spring of 2001-2002, for a US tour, the first leg with Le Tigre, the coming home with Jacqueline Bon Bon (Anna, Kitty and Kelly). I worked with a production company in Olympia to create the green screen composite. Videotaped in my living room, cranked the head to ninety degrees in the winter. It was a really bad scene late that night, waking up my roommates with suffocating heat. JD gave me dye-a-log, did it come from the band? Thinking about nourishment and getting better. Fixing something. There was footage that didn’t make it into this – in particular, Andy and Lisa D. for co-presidents. Some scenes were taped and added in NYC, mid-tour. Again, performing unfinished, actively in-process work. Thinking a lot about popular/pop culture.”

*Greenwood, Wynne, et al. Wynne Greenwood: Stacy ... Kelly. Douglas F. Cooley Memorial Art Gallery, Reed College, 2015.